Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Political Left's Method of Argumentation and How to Undercut it

In his brilliant op-ed this month in Forbes, Why Is The Tea Party 'Extremist,' But Democratic Support For Big Government 'Moderate'?, columnist Peter Schwartz dissects the political left's method of combining non-essentials into deceptive "package-deals," - obfuscating ideas that group together non-essentials, thereby confusing issues.

The foremost example Schwartz provides is the left's labeling of their enemies as "extremists", a package-deal that groups together anyone who passionately stands by their beliefs, whether they be extreme advocates of slavery or extreme advocates of liberty. By dissecting this method of thinking and argumentation, Schwartz provides advocates of freedom with an understanding of how to fundamentally undercut the left's intellectual attacks.  If you read any op-ed this month, read this important piece. It will truly enable you to better defend liberty.

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