Wednesday, February 20, 2013

U.S. CEO Blasts French Work Habits

According to an article by Gabriele Parussini in today's Wall Street Journal: "The chief executive of a U.S. company that had considered buying a tire factory in northern France delivered a blistering critique of French work habits, writing to France’s industry minister that he would be “stupid” to operate in a country where workers get high wages for little actual work. Maurice Taylor, the CEO of Titan [...]"

I do not doubt that there are plenty of hard-working people in France, but the story is telling. It makes me think of the work habits of those who think they are entitled to a job, a vacation, medical care, etc. Why work hard if one is entitled to all these benefits?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

A very scary story appeared in the NYT today regarding Chinese cyber-espionage against the United States.  According to the story,

"On the outskirts of Shanghai, in a run-down neighborhood dominated by a 12-story white office tower, sits a People’s Liberation Army base for China’s growing corps of cyberwarriors.

"The building off Datong Road, surrounded by restaurants, massage parlors and a wine importer, is the headquarters of P.L.A. Unit 61398. A growing body of digital forensic evidence — confirmed by American intelligence officials who say they have tapped into the activity of the army unit for years — leaves little doubt that an overwhelming percentage of the attacks on American corporations, organizations and government agencies originate in and around the white tower."

The story links to a report by Mandiant, an American computer security firm. The report ties Chinese hacking groups to the P.L.A. Unit 61398 headquarters. 

This report should cause the US officials to consider if China is a greater threat to US interests than previously thought. Of course, given its ineptitude, this is not likely to occur under the Obama administration.