Monday, February 06, 2006

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic - Yahoo! News

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic - Yahoo! News

The Earth's climate has always changed during its approximate 5 billion years, sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly. In most cases, these changes have led to mass extinctions of species.

Everything humans do affects the environment. Human beings survive by changing the environment. Every material value we have comes from changing the environment, from the most basic necessities: food, clothing, and shelter, to the most advanced technologies: medicine, space technology, and electronics.

The question for us is whether we will shoot our economy in the foot by limiting our oil supplies, or whether we will use our technology to adapt to and overcome global warming.

Environmentalists, many scientists included, seem to think that our technology is evil because it "harms" the environment. They think that nature, unchanged, and undisturbed by mankind, is a good in and of itself.

However, there is no intrinsic value to nature. Nature could care less about human life. Values only exist because human beings exist. Without someone who values, no values would exist. And because of this, human life is the very basis for values. Changing the environment for the benefit of mankind is the only way human beings can survive, and doing so is an act of loyalty to our values. It is a virtue, not a vice.

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