Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stop Worrying About Iraq. Start Worrying About Iran

In his December 1, 2005 column in the Jerusalem Post, Saul Singer, identifies the essential threat to, and the Achilles Heal of, the Bush Administration's war on terror strategy: a nuclear armed Iran.

The key paragraphs:

"But the Bush administration is proving correct those who said, essentially, that the US is incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. The White House and Condoleezza Rice are currently siding with those who want to keep Iran on a back burner, and are willing to pay an increasingly high price to do so.

Easy for me to say, say my friends in Washington, who think anyone advocating "opening another front" - when Bush can barely stay the course in Iraq - must be smoking something. But the question is which is more unacceptable: doing two things at once, or letting Iran get the Bomb?"

"Bush rightly recognizes that the first way to lose Iraq is to cut and run, and he is therefore sensibly focused on stabilizing domestic support during this tricky period of impatience. Yet how can Iraq, not to mention the wider war of which that struggle is a part, succeed if in the meantime Iran provides the entire terror network with nuclear immunity?"

Read the whole article. It is important that you do.

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