Thursday, December 22, 2005

Winds of Change.NET: Tidbits from Turkey on Iran

Is the Bush Administration FINALLY taking some steps to deal with the Iranian threat? Only time will tell...though we don't have much of that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Environazis Can't Handle The Facts

I quote from the report, "While the region looks bleak during its long winters, and oil can be seen seeping from some of its rock formations,..."

Hence, its not that the environazis want to prevent black inky oil from spoiling their clean white snow (really a frozen wasteland), since oil is already leaking out of the rock formations. Rather, they just hate the idea of Man (specifically the United States) from manipulating the environment to improve human life.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Religion Versus Reality - The New Nazi Regime in Iran

Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany come to mind when reading this article in Newsweek about the new Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his beliefs and actions.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Report: Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities

Let's hope the Israelis will act....because it appears that UN nuclear weapon's inspector chief, ElBaradei, is intent on deluding himself into the notion that the Islamo-facist Iranian mullah's will change their course towards developing nukes, despite the Iranian's explicit rejection of every pathetic attempt by the UK, France, and Germany to negotiate them into not starting uranium enrichment. Also, let's hope the Israelis act since the Bush administration still has no coherent policy on preventing Iran from either obtaining nukes or from interfering with the fragile situation in Iraq.

Something's desparately wrong with the world

I was going to write that something's desperately wrong with the world when only one man is protesting in favor of free trade and capitalism at the WTO meeting this coming week in Hong Kong, while 10,000 will be rioting against it. However, on second thought, Australian accountant Simon Patkin is correct in one of his protest signs, which reads, "rationality not rioting". That is to say, the best way, the most rational way, to change minds is through peaceful intellectual activism, e.g., blogging or other forms of written or verbal persuasion, as opposed to the mindlessly violent street protests of the anti-globalization nihilist movement - that rag-tag conglomeration of nitwits, who refuse to face the facts of socialism's destructive history. Their violence is proof of their impotence.

One the other hand, the main defender's of capitalism in today's world, the conservatives, have a philosophy that is inadequate to uphold and defend free markets. The proof is: so many of the world's countries - including the relatively free ones - continue to implement massive socialist policies. And, while many "mainstream" conservatives say they are against socialism, they are frequently afraid to publically object to its most prominent manifestations, e.g., social security, public education, and publicly-financed welfare and medical care. Also, no doubt that in some cases, conservatives are not truly confident about the superiority of capitalism over socialism. The proof of this is that conservatives can frequently be seen championing socialist policies, e.g., witness Mr. Bush's Medicare reform bill, which was the largest increase in public socialist expenditures since Lyndon Johnson's disastrous Great Society programs of the 1960's.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stop Worrying About Iraq. Start Worrying About Iran

In his December 1, 2005 column in the Jerusalem Post, Saul Singer, identifies the essential threat to, and the Achilles Heal of, the Bush Administration's war on terror strategy: a nuclear armed Iran.

The key paragraphs:

"But the Bush administration is proving correct those who said, essentially, that the US is incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. The White House and Condoleezza Rice are currently siding with those who want to keep Iran on a back burner, and are willing to pay an increasingly high price to do so.

Easy for me to say, say my friends in Washington, who think anyone advocating "opening another front" - when Bush can barely stay the course in Iraq - must be smoking something. But the question is which is more unacceptable: doing two things at once, or letting Iran get the Bomb?"

"Bush rightly recognizes that the first way to lose Iraq is to cut and run, and he is therefore sensibly focused on stabilizing domestic support during this tricky period of impatience. Yet how can Iraq, not to mention the wider war of which that struggle is a part, succeed if in the meantime Iran provides the entire terror network with nuclear immunity?"

Read the whole article. It is important that you do.

Rep. John Murtha Wrongly Assesses Army as 'Broken'.

It seems that Rep. Murtha is intent on convincing himself and others that the U.S. millitary cannot win the war in Iraq. Alas, the facts speak otherwise.

Russia seeks to calm US over arms sales to Iran - Yahoo! News

Russia has now raised the stakes against the U.S. in our unspoken confrontation with the radical Islamicist mullahs of Iran.

There is no regime more dangerous to the West, no government more evil in its support of radical terrorists, than the current government of Iran.

When will President Bush wake up to this fact? And when will he realize that Vladimir Putin is no friend of freedom, no friend of human rights - but rather a second-hand leftover from the KGB and a dictator no better than the latter day rulers of the U.S.S.R.?