Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush & Kerry vs. Freedom of Speech

Bush Calls for Stop to Outside Ads Lauds Kerry's Vietnam War Record

Far worse than Kerry's lies about his Vietnam service are Bush's and Kerry's attacks against the freedom of speech in calling for the Swiftvet ads to be stopped. It is unbelievable that both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are advocating that the government prevent a group from airing its political views in a public forum during an election campaign.
This is absolutely outrageous, and Americans of both political stripes should be up-in-arms about it. The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves. It is just dispicable that both candidates would resort to attacking one of our most fundamental freedoms to gain short-term political advantage. Where the hell are the liberals? Aren't they supposed to be advocates of freedom of speech? Where are the conservatives? - whatever they are trying to conserve in trying to force these ads off the air, it sure as hell isn't freedom. Where are the media? - so much for those supposed champions of the freedom of political expression.

God damn it America, wake up! It is time to write your senators and congressperson and newspapers and let these jerks know that they can't trample our freedom of speech for any reason.

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